Shih Tzu Showroom, formerly known as Shih Tzu Garage, is not an indication of where our Shih Tzu live, but meant to reflect the names we have chosen to give our Shih Tzu. Each is named after a Classy Automobile, which honors the rare colors, beauty, health, and loving nature of each of our Shih Tzu. All of our Shih Tzu live in our home, under our feet, sleep in our bed, and travel with us when possible. Our Shih Tzu are never kenneled or caged in any way.  They are our kids, and probably get away with more than any human kid. They are all spoiled rotten and each one is loved with all our hearts.  Please check out our site, read our testimonials, check out our "Add'l Info" pages to see why we do what we do, how we do it, and warnings to protect you and your puppy from those who just sell Shih Tzu for the money. We do not sell Shih Tzu puppies......We adopt them out to worthy parents and families.

All our Shih Tzu are purebred AKC registered.  They are all high quality with nice Pedigrees.  We are a small hobby breeder who loves the breed and only share our loved ones with the most worthy parents.  Monies made are put back into our breeding program so we can offer you the healthiest babies possible.  We do not do wormings or vaccinations ourselves, but everything is done by our veterinarian.  Our pregnant females make numerous visits to the vet to ensure they have quality care and that the Mom and Babies are all doing fine.  As soon as babies are born into our hands, they are taken to the vet for check-ups; Mom is also checked out at this time to make sure she is doing well and has plenty of milk.  This definitely is an expensive way to operate, but we want only the best for our little families. In order to continue to give the best of care to our breeding Shih Tzu and their puppies, we must price our babies for the quality of care, plus their sex, color, and size.  You will only find the best at Shih Tzu Showroom, and all our past puppy parents agree.  Please be sure to check out the "Happy Parents" page to see what they are saying.  We have had several repeat parents so we must be doing something right!

If you want the best, with beautiful rare colored soft coats, smooshy faces, and sweet personalities, then you have come to the the right place.
This is the home of Shih Tzu Showroom, formerly Shih Tzu Garage, so you can see that the Garage our kids live in is a very fine Garage indeed. ‚ We all live on 6 acres and soon our kids will have at least 1 acre for them to roam. ƒ We now live in Hillsboro, Texas, where we have relocated from San Diego, CA.
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